William has been quite a star on the stage, on radio, films and T.V. over the years


.In 1945 - 1956 there was a radio series, comprising of 35 episodes, written and produced by Alick Hayes, and starred John Clark as William.

Such was his popularity that Hurcules Bicycles used him in their advertising campaigns!

In 1947,' Just Willam', a play in three acts written by Alick Hayes and starring the radio series cast including John Clark as Wiilaim went on tour around Britain at selected theatres.I have no details as to how many or how long the tour lasted. Shown (right) is a programme for Just William at the Grand Theatre, Blackpool, Lancashire, in April 1947 for a full week.


In 1939 a film was produced called Just Willam starring Dicky Lupiuno as William.

In 1947 another film was produced called Just William's Luck starring William Graham as William .In conjunction with the film, a booklet was published telling the story of the making of the film.

And again, William's popularity was put to use with more advertising -- Chocolate I can agree with - but the others??? what were the advertisers thinking!!!




United Artist's produced a promotional brochure entitled The Book of William, which I understand was available to Motion Picture theatre owners only, from the movie "Just William's Luck". These film brochures were distributed to theatre owners to entice them to lease movies. I am informed that this came from the now defunct Gaiety Theatre in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

You can also view a trade advert from the time.

This was closely followed in 1948 by another, called William Comes To Town (also issued as William Goes To the Circus) with William Graham again starring as William.

In 1956 a live TV series of 13 episodes was produced called Over To William.It was produced by Cecil Petty and starred Keith Crane as William.

See a couple of newspaper cuttings from the time.


On T.V. in the 1950's, the BBC showed 6 episodes of William on Saturday evenings. William was played by Dennis Waterman, who went on to star in Minder and The Sweeney.


In the 1960's another TV series was produced, when the lead was played by the actor Denis Gilmore, complete with red-hair and freckles.

Later in the 1970's London Week-end produced 13 episodes on a Sunday evening. William was this time played by Adrian Dannatt with Violet Elizabeth played by Bonnie Langford.

There were two Just William annuals produced in connection with the series in 1978 and 1979.

Prior to these, William appeared in the Look-in Annual in 1977.

In the mid 1980's (1986 I think!) Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran planned a TV series about William grown up. It was to star Dennis Waterman (who played William as an 11 year old). However after the original pilot episode, it was dropped.(possibly to do with them showing it at the Just William meeting of that year and NOT getting a favourable response! I think I was particularly vociferous!

In the 1990's William again appears on BBC TV with Oliver Rokison as William and Tiffany Griffiths as Violet Elizabeth.

Two videos were released by the BBC showing two episodes of the series on each one. One containing 'William and the White Elephants' and 'Finding a School for William'. The other contains 'William the Great Actor' and 'William's Birthday'.

Paste the link into your browser to see and hear the opening credits of the TV programme. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=K2hqpFujMzI --- but dont forget to come back!

William stories have been read by quite a few celebrities in the past. Kenneth Williams read some stories for Argo,who produced some cassette audio tapes in the early 1980's.

Recently(1990 to the present time..) the brilliant Martin Jarvis has been recording William stories for the BBC. These are currently available and well worth a listen.


In 1996, Jimmy got into the act and Martin Jarvis recorded 5 stories for younger listeners with a recommended age 5 - 10. This of course doesn't stop us big kids from enjoying them!

At Christmas 2010 the BBC produced another tv series. It starred Daniel Roche as William. Caroline Quentin as Mrs Bott and Warren Clarke as Mr Bott. As is usual these days, there is the inevitable TV tie ins!